Installing Windows from a usb flash drive

Is it possible to install Windows from usb flash drive? Of course yes. It doesn’t matter if it’s XP, 7 or 8. The possibility to install an operating system using USB flash drive is important for netbooks, ultrabooks and computers, where the drive doesn’t work. But this feature is available only on modern motherboards, which allow selecting a USB device as a source of booting when the computer is starting. Info taken from

Can I install Windows from a USB flash drive? Sure, yes. No matter if it’s XP, 7, or 8. The possibility to install Windows via USB stick is important for netbooks, ultrabooks, or computers, where the drive doesn’t work. But this feature is available only for newer motherboards that allow selecting a usb stick as the source of booting when the computer starts.

To install Windows from usb flash drive we need a flash drive with at least 4 GB capacity, an image of the operating system you want to install and a program which will help us prepare the flash drive for installing Windows.

If you don’t have an image of the operating system, but have a DVD with it, you can create an image yourself. You can do it with UltraISO, which also allows us to create a bootable flash drive. If necessary, the system image can always be downloaded from the Internet.

Preliminarily it is necessary to check your Flash media and clear it from files, or better yet format it. If in Windows XP it was difficult for users to figure out how to format a flash drive in ntfs, then the seventh version of Windows this problem does not exist. In any case, UltraISO will prompt to format the media and select the required file system in the process.

After all preparatory steps run UltraISO and open our disk image with it. Under “Boot” select “Write hard drive image” and Flash media should already be installed. Check all items in the new window and click “Write”.

You are now ready and only need to prepare your computer to start the installation. Setting up is not difficult, but it does require some knowledge, namely, what keys you need to press when you turn on the computer to enter BIOS. To do this, you can find out the model of the installed motherboard and find instructions on the Internet or try all known options. Basically it can be Del, F8 or F12. Going into BIOS and in the Boot device section it is necessary to set booting from usb, in most cases it is the item “USB-HDD”. After the reboot everything will go as during normal installation from DVD media.

Modern flash drives let you read information from them a bit faster than from DVD drives, so the installation time will be a bit shorter. At the same time the flash drive completely eliminates data reading errors that occur when using scratched disks.

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