Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Microsoft Windows XP Professional is the new version of the Windows operating system family. It is designed for businesses of all sizes as well as individual users seeking to improve computer efficiency. Compared with the Windows XP Home Edition operating system, Windows XP Professional provides advanced features that allow you to increase productivity by using the latest advances in digital technology. Based on the architecture of Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional delivers improved reliability, security, performance and ease of use, setting a new high standard for an efficient and reliable computing environment such asĀ


There are hundreds of good reasons to upgrade to Windows XP Professional. Check out the top 10 of them.

1. Extended laptop support

With built-in support for laptops, you can do almost as much work when you’re traveling as when you’re in the office. And you can remotely access all the data and applications on the computer in the office. Windows XP Professional has developed a new technology that was first used in Windows 2000. With its help the economy of power consumption and increase battery life.

2. Support for wireless networks

Zero Configuration gives users the ability to easily connect to wireless networks at work, at home or in appropriately equipped public places (train stations, airports and more). Windows XP was also the first Windows operating system to include new 802.1x security technology that further protects the information on the computer.

3. System restore

Users and administrators have the option of restoring their computer to its previous state. The System Restore tool automatically creates easily identifiable restore points, allowing you to recover your previous system state.

4. Improved performance and multitasking

This feature allows the system to respond very quickly, even when running the most demanding applications. Running multiple applications at once enables the system to perform efficiently and reliably. Windows XP laptops can also switch to suspend or hibernate mode more quickly and recover from sleep or hibernation more quickly.

5. Encrypted file system

The encrypted file system provides strong protection from hackers and high data security. The files are encrypted without affecting system functionality, and are encrypted using a randomly generated key.

6. Windows messenger tool

This feature provides instant messaging and support for collaboration with colleagues and support specialists. You can view the online status of users in your contact list and communicate with them via text message, high-quality voice or video.

7. Remote desktop management

With Remote Desktop Management you can create a virtual session and use your desktop computer by accessing it from another computer running Windows 95 or later. In this way, you can access all the data and applications you need, even when you’re away from your office.

8. Technical support in remote mode

Transfer of the computer control to an IT specialist or another user, who can demonstrate the execution of some procedures or help troubleshoot the problem remotely.

9. Task-oriented look and feel

Faster execution of common tasks, thanks to a more intuitive interface and new visual clues.

10. High level of reliability

Windows XP is a robust platform that keeps your computer running reliably under the most demanding conditions. Based on the proven Windows 2000 operating system, Windows XP is not only more reliable than its predecessors, but also includes tools to make troubleshooting faster and easier.

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